VISION  ​noun  |   vi·sion  |  \ˈvi-zhən\

Vision.  The word has several meanings.  The act or power of seeing.  The act or power of imagination.  A thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination.  Unusual discernment or foresight.

Your vision is to own or operate a successful hospitality business.  Our vision is to provide hospitality technology advisory and decision-support services to enable your vision.  We can enhance your vision: acting as a second pair of eyes – looking at technology through experienced, specialized optics.  And everyone occasionally needs a vision checkup to bring both the distant big picture and the up-close details into sharper focus.

Our approach is to closely tailor our services to your needs, with the vision of ensuring that every technology decision brings maximum value to your business.

​​As principal consultant, Ron Hardin brings over 30 years of hospitality technology experience to assist you and your team.  That experience includes:

  • executive IT management for a leading hotel management group;
  • systems integration and application development for a major restaurant chain and the nation’s top provider of hospitality applications;
  • technology product management for an in-room hotel amenity provider; and
  • hands-on technology management at the hotel property level for a major nationwide chain. 

Ron is a is Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP), and an active member and supporter of HFTP (Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals). Ron has served on the global HFTP board of directors, and served several years on the owner/franchise technology advisory council for a leading hotel chain.

Ron Hardin, CHTP